Yesh - short for his Hebrew name ( Yeshua )

Yoko -  an abbreviation of the city in Japan he spent 7 years in :

born and raised in New York, he was gravitated towards music by way of frequent exposure to Southern Gospel from his Iroquois ( Mohawk ) / Nigerian side of the family, his father being a pianist as well. He combines poetry and progressive hip/hop elements with alternative soul.

The early death of his mother, his strict upbringing in a heavy religious and spiritual environment, living on the street at a young age, being in the foster system, juvenile detention, the military, and prison has influenced his lyrics and melody which serves as his therapy and he aims to encourage anyone dealing with life's hardships to have strength and perseverance and to always seek experience and honing one's inner power.

He works in collaboration with producer Benji Grands.

- Grime Soul Empire 

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i treat the lyrics like a post man, it's all a process of delivery 

i feel i'd feel you if you real as me

no fear in me besides you'll never see as clear as me 

i feel my body getting heavy as a fighter tank, the hurricane swings around me like a lion mane

the judge is late, my lawyer sniffin' cocaine 

i'm higher power - you wont need the gavel anyways

machete blades in the skyline, few of ya'll get rich most of you just die tryin'

hmm, not everyone is Curtis - i was singing "Many Men" when i was 15 death was learkin'

get up off me you ain't perfect, get up off me you ain't perfect

born with curses it's no wonder i'm in purgatory, but i'll be touchin' heaven as i'm turning 40

glad i meditated prison, how you wake up from a coma see the matrix that you live in 

i don't care if you're offended, they've been killin' all my nixxas

nixxas killin' nixxas why'd they turn they brothers into villians

while the enemy is sippin', buy your block and cut a ribbon 

children going missin' just as common as opinions

common ass opinions no ones making any difference 

now i'm strolling in the chaos like "lets see who's playing chicken."


mama love me, i don't wanna be a bad man 

i don't wanna be a bad man 

the devils in the valley with the bag

and i was born to take it from his hand 

and i was born to take it from his hand ...


... i got the bag now, i got the bag now

i got the bag now, ain't nobody gettin' hand outs 

you'll fight if it's really worth it, chained up in a mad house 

don't pass out, i ain't even start yet

i ain't even start yet ... 

no one can hold,

the star on my chest 


i feel my energy is leakin', i speak to demons see my angel on the weekends

light the fire if i'm cookin' them i'm eating

and i'm practically a vegan why you beefin' trick 

i'm undefeated.

i roam the sea like Lochness, plottin' since Kanye went heartless 

why try to harm us? why try to make us wear armor ..

why try to make us wear armor?

myself i honor - tiger palm and belt of Allah

i pray for love - why pray for dollars?

don't you know money and misery balanced

Buddha my nature i lost my attachment

but i still ask questions, i still want love

i still want pussy to feel like it does

breathe to my beating and feel like the sun, 

though the moons our drug ...


love in the bag, soul in the bag

who's holding the bag? who's holding the bag?

love in the bag, soul in the bag

who's holding the bag? who's holding the bag?





i feel, like the world is on my back and yet i will

and yet i will

i feel

like the world is on my back and yet i will

and yet i will - rise.


some are hopeless 

some are hopeless 

some are hopeful 

and some are hopeless 

Summer Solstice 

Summer Solstice


lookin in the mirror like what am I ?

like how you turn a beast to a butterfly 

if die I don’t want to say “but I tried”

or have to this over in another life ... 

Saturn in the sky, Jupiter behind its aligned with the moon and the mood in my mind 

black holes in my eyes just a portal to the light 

give me life, give me life 

give me life 

i been centering my chi that’s the energy in me

gotta give gotta give gotta live to receive

what it be, you a prince or sheep?

and you count em’ while you sleep - 

but the last one to dream 

i - 

saw the seams and i split em’,

you believe?

burn a tree for what’s hidden in leaves 

split a sea, fit a city in a seed 

when bloom, when it fruit, then I’m splitting it with Eve ...