8. mere curtains

just remember, 
people only know the part of you that you show them ... i don’t mean your past or what you did or do ...
i mean your outward “public” self.

but you are a closed curtain & something else
when no one is watching ... maybe. 
unless you are a true and raw human being who can acknowledge their own misdeeds while still attempting,

at the least ... to be noble.

doesn’t it remind you of that French proverb? “l'habit ne fait pas le moine” - the clothes do not make the monk.

what makes the monk is the fact that you can hit him 1000 times and he won’t feel it,

and if they don’t believe it all he has to do is say - “Try me.” so then, a monk - if he is truly a monk - can wear the clothes of a prisoner and do the same thing.

7. a biscuit

if you throw a biscuit over a dogs head he’ll follow it with his eyes and then his feet in bountiful glee.

he’ll either devour it or run back with it in his sloppy mouth to put it back into your hand.

; on the other note,

if you throw a biscuit over a cat's head he’ll look at you like a dunce and walk in the opposite direction.

then he’ll go outside and catch a python.

6. cat's eye

but the worst thing that can possibly happen if you do the thing you always dared to is that you fail ...
or lose.
but what does that mean?
even if you win or succeed what does that mean? 
you cannot stay there ... you’ll have to move on either way. 
i think the thrill is in the dare itself ; which is why you have to think of something worth chasing ... long term. 
isn’t that what a cat would do? 
i think they just like running and if they end up with food in their mouth well ... good for them. 
they can be merry in their catch.
eventually it will be gone and they’ll have to run the chase again. 
and if they lose.
they have to run the chase again.
they’ll survive.

i never did see a starving cheetah that wasn’t in chains. 
so isn’t the worst thing you could do to yourself ... not even chain smoking could spar with ... isn’t the worst thing to see it and not go for it? 
for what? Fear? 
of what? 
having to get back up? 

4. you know...

if you fight too many battles you will never make it to the final opportunity of your purpose.

many serve as a distraction to the true path of our prior commitment to life. 

learning to choose when to use your arrows is essential to better calculations of your destiny. 

because there is one you know. even if none of ours mean a thing in the grand scheme of things.

3. in the woods ...

i like going to the woods before i start my day [ if in another place i’d rather a lake or shore ] so i can center my emotion and my thoughts in unison and i’m not swayed by too much thought or too much passion. self-reflection precedes self-direction and either extremity has it’s brief moments of necessity. In the first maybe one must solve a logical life problem at short notice, in the later maybe one needs to perform a song and draw into that emotion. Either state is real but also an exaggeration. Truly, without constant stimuli or instigation one would be at peace ... which is at the center of emotion and intellect.

living in any city is like ... everyone talking at the same time. this is just stated in all actuality, acknowledging the fact that at any moment someone or some event or purpose may call for [ even attempt to demand ] your attention, your time, your energy ... naturally you only have so much so it’s important to be able to decide how much you can give and to what cause. clarity in the morning, the moment i wake up helps me make the best choices in that matter. the inner voice matters much. When it tells me to mind myself and don’t lose my peace ... that is the first thing i honor. you cannot give up your peace for anything ... and by peace it doesn’t imply anything external or mundane but more so your mental state of well-being. because without your inner well being nothing you do will be of the right intent or energy and you will either be moved too much by over-thought or too deep in the lake of your emotion. to me that is what loving yourself calls for. love is an action - a verb, but it doesn’t push ... it pulls back. 

1. one day i will walk back into ...

one day i will walk back into 

the womb of nature with nothing in my hands. 

the part of me that daydreams on this final 

chapter is restless but the horse 

must be tamed. 


the days that lie ahead take sacrifice, 

and that doesn’t always mean 

giving something away, 

or letting something go ... 


that’s the easy stuff

once you figure out what keeps you

waking up for more life.


but sometimes it means stepping away from 

the door you have always long to find and 

rolling your sleeves

one more time.