words, without wax

7. mere curtains

just remember, 
people only know the part of you that you show them ... i don’t mean your past or what you did or do ...
i mean your outward “public” self.

but you are a closed curtain & something else
when no one is watching ... maybe. 
unless you are a true and raw human being who can acknowledge their own misdeeds while still attempting,

at the least ... to be noble.

doesn’t it remind you of that French proverb? “l'habit ne fait pas le moine” - the clothes do not make the monk.

what makes the monk is the fact that you can hit him 1000 times and he won’t feel it,

and if they don’t believe it all he has to do is say - “Try me.” so then, a monk - if he is truly a monk - can wear the clothes of a prisoner and do the same thing.

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