words, without wax

5. dare to

but the worst thing that can possibly happen if you do the thing you always dared to is that you fail ...
or lose.
but what does that mean?
even if you win or succeed what does that mean? 
you cannot stay there ... you’ll have to move on either way. 
i think the thrill is in the dare itself ; which is why you have to think of something worth chasing ... long term. 
isn’t that what a cat would do? 
i think they just like running and if they end up with food in their mouth well ... good for them. 
they can be merry in their catch.
eventually it will be gone and they’ll have to run the chase again. 
and if they lose.
they have to run the chase again.
they’ll survive.

i never did see a starving cheetah that wasn’t in chains. 
so isn’t the worst thing you could do to yourself ... not even chain smoking could spar with ... isn’t the worst thing to see it and not go for it? 
for what? Fear? 
of what? 
having to get back up? 

Yesh YokoComment