words, without wax

9. over & over

isn’t that how it all is anyways .. forget ourselves, become something else, lose our self, come back to ourselves ...
over & over.
become everything you knew you weren’t
just to look at your reflection and not know who was staring back ..
it happens. c’est la vie. we’ve all been tainted by some madness and it’s just best to admit it to yourself, for it’s not in the responsibility of anyone else, and rinse it off.
it might take some time depending on how far down you went. it might take more effort ... but you’ll fight if it’s really worth it.
or you’ll spend your life running from your self ... that kinda defeats the purpose of life tho doesn’t it?
or maybe it’s the other way - because isn’t truly finding yourself enlightenment? 
and you know what happens to those enlighten folks they just disappear one day without any notice ... well shit, maybe the trap is the game so we just gotta keep playin’.

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