words, without wax

10. i'll build a raft

i think beaches are such a tease because unless you have a boat you just have to stop and keep looking ... i mean you can swim but you won’t make it that far without drowning or getting eaten by a sea creature.

i don’t want to sit on the shore and keep looking at the distance ... I’d rather move towards the horizon even if theres nothing there ... just to be moving. I’ll build a fucking raft. 
maybe I’d just find what Jim Carey found when he was in The Truman Show lol
in comparison mountains are ideal bc they give me an objective and that is to get to see what things look like from the summit while also taking the challenge.

woods and forests have their place too in that they speak as you move through them and force you to find yourself by moving with intuition.

in any case i prefer nature over concrete and steel any day though it is amusing to sit on rooftops and people watch with a soundtrack ... i feel like we all walked into well played mouse trap.

i thought about jumping but i have more places go before i fly for the first time and never feel like touching ground again

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