13. left hand, right hand

the materials a person collects is and never has been a reflection of their character or a guarantee in longevity ...

even a tyrant can have a tower of gold ...

that is not power though. 
that does not mean they will give your water when you are thirsty.
that does not mean they wash their hands.
that does not mean they are even wise.

the weakness of material wealth is the fear of loss. 
the more one has the more one will lose .. and loss will come in every case.
and it is that fear is what breeds greed
and why greed is
equivalent to powerlessness.

on the other end there are men and woman with nothing
who are rich in life
and whatever they plant will grow to the heavens. 
they can laugh and breathe and give and receive love in abundance. 
& as the French say : l'habit ne fe pas le moine.

so then, there are those who invest in material debt.
and those who invest in liberation and life.

that is a decision.