words, without wax

14. carpe diem

you just have to let life unfold the way it’s going to anyways ... you can resist your path but Mother God is going to just spit you right back out where you need to be. The only way out of you're destiny is to willfully give up in defeat.

So, keep on keeping on.

And sometimes truth is harsh and you have hear it in a way that you don’t necessarily like ... some people are hard headed though. i didn’t learn much by listening to anyone, i just had to go through shit the hard way because i made that choice. darker, but deeply engraved lessons.

That’s where “i pray the devil doesn’t follow u, some pray they never have to swallow truth” comes from ...

we’re all rebels. we’re born to evolve ; in spirit ... and the only way you get better at life is by controlling yourself ... and the only way can have command over yourself is to face everything you don’t want to.

Because that’s how you begin to see nothing is out of reach.

And everything holding you back is part of yourself and nothing outside of you. and blaming outside forces you make your reality full of scapegoats and are blind to its beauty. Suffering is part of existence on every level. Everyone dies. Everyone loses what they love.

... but that’s not a reason to avoid that reality and self-sabotage your path. Life is about experience ... and experience is impartial to your feelings because you're supposed to feel. you're supposed to embrace every facet of yourself even the dark and ugly. Because life is order and chaos.

Destruction and Rebirth.

that is evolution. and truth is only found by living out every part & seeing with every eye. limiting yourself to your fears and doubts isn’t living.

“that’s some half-assed shit.” i tell myself.

that’s a half life.


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