words, without wax

15. birthing pains

when you whether into another person’s realm, you cross into another aspect of reality that is just as true as your own.

because we all have the same eyes, but are given a different picture to translate.

so the only duty you have is to walk in and gather what you need for the next realm, and leave behind what you need no more.

because what you leave behind is probably something needed in that realm. and what you take is needed in the next. knowing what you need and need no more prior to entering is wisdom and can make the process less abrasive.

however in any case, suffering of some form will take place.

because that is life.

and to disallow yourself to receive and embrace pain, is to disengage in your own spiritual evolution ... and thus your life-path development. to do so is to

bury yourself before you’re even born.


if a mother could not accept the pain of birth for your existence ...

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